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Title: Rose7/25/2016 7:13:01 PM
Our family enjoys many of the food, particularly seseme chicken, pad thi combination, and Mongolian beef! These are just a few of the meals we find to be quite tasty! I have told my friends and other family members to go there to eat because the flood is delicious! In fact, I will be ordering meals "to go" this week and next! It's the best oriental restaurant in this area!

Title: Sara7/20/2015 11:36:35 AM
This was my first time using online, so glad that you do this as no other chinese places do. My only problem was that I did not receive a time, however it showed up in a timely fashion, as one would expect for a delivery, the guy who showed up was hot. Thanks and for the price and flavor I'll definetly be using again. I was referred by a fellow officer, who dines in reguarly.

Title: ms5/14/2014 2:57:47 PM
I ordered from you for the first time as I've just moved here. Everything was delicious cashew shrimp,combo lo mein,hot sour soup,crab wonton,sweet sour chicken .... Thank you, we will be back again!

Title: 2020/6/5 3:37:03
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Title: 2020/6/11 8:20:23
Just wondering - when are you going to open for eat-in? Miss you!

Title: 2020/5/24 17:32:31
I ordered take-out Sweet and Sour Shrimp. Very disappointed!The shrimp was breaded (SMALL shrimp); there was more bread than shrimp! The vegetables were all raw. Extremely disappointed. Didn't get my money's worth. It was terrible.

Title: 2020/5/18 3:52:23
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Title: 2020/5/18 3:51:38
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